Time Jack

Can you imagine being a black person living in America in the 1830s at the height of slavery with the mentality and attitude you currently have?

Time Jack written by John Whitfield, AKA Divine G, addresses this question decisively.

Calvin Thompson spent countless years mastering Time Travel Technology and just when he is finally about to become the first official time traveler, a jealous co-worker, Eric Seabright, sends him back in time to the year 1831 in the deep south at the height of slavery.  With 4 months to make it to a Backlash zone (a safety component within the Time Machine that may transport him back to the future), Calvin struggles to overcome slavery, futuristic hit-men, and the demons inside of him that will not allow him to love and appreciate the people who are indispensable to his survival, his humanity and the victory of his journey.

Time Jack, published by Divine G Entertainment, is now available in major bookstores in multiple formats, including paperback and ebook