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Divine G Entertainment proudly presents its two most recent releases, No Other Love and The Canarsie Connection.

No Other Love

No other love was the terms of Dinasia Whitman and Tislam Parker’s vow; a promise made upon falling in love when they were children growing up in the Foster Care System.  But Shateek Davis also loved Dinasia and was willing to do anything to get rid of Tislam, even sending him to prison for life for a murder he did not commit. After Dinasia discovers the truth, she goes on a mission to free Tislam.  When the actual gunman and Shateek finds out what Dinasia is doing, dead bodies start piling up and the no other love pledge is put to the ultimate test (To read the first two chapters click here).

    The Canarsie Connection

At the age of ten, Shamara Fox witnessed the murder of her mom and dad.  The gunman, Tommy Bossett, escapes prosecution.  Shamara’s life progresses into a living hell and she realizes Tommy is the cause.  With the help of two life-long friends, the trio infiltrates Tommy’s Crime Organization posing as contract killers. Once inside, the plan is to kill Tommy, but what Shamara discovers hurls her into an emotional, spiritual, and life-threatening journey destine to alter her soul . . . if she survives (To read the first two chapters click here).  This novel is also available as an audio book.

Other Novels by Divine G are as Follows:

  Enigma of Love

In this fast-moving, hip-hop, action-adventure love story, Daquasha Lawrence (AKA Danielle Lewis), is hurled into a deadly journey of survival when she witness a triple homicide committed by her drug dealing boyfriend, Jamil Nevez. While in custody for the murders, Jamil hires Tykim Hall, a hit man to kill Daquasha, who turns out to be her ex-lover. Unable to kill Daquasha, Tykim risks his life protecting her. As luck would have it, Daquasha despises Tykim with a deep passion. 

With hit-men, law enforcement and the Russian mob hunting them from State to State, Daquasha and Tykim (as well as Jamil) learns the awesome enigmatic power of love in its rawest, awkward, puzzling, and dangerous form (To read the first two chapters click here).  This novel is also available as an audio book.

  Baby Doll

Breana “Baby Doll” Winbush grew up in the fast streets of Brownsville, Brooklyn. She is beautiful, a fighter by nature, and her dream is to become rich. Her quest for money knows no boundaries. During an after-school fight with jealous high school foes, Baby Doll’s life takes a turn when she meets Big Daddy Blue, a reformed gangster who turned his ill-gotten gains into legitimate business enterprises. Baby Doll’s relationship with Big Daddy Blue totally changes her outlook on life in terms of what’s worth pursuing (To read the first two chapters click here).

Money Grip

Rasheen Smith praised money as if it was his supreme being; he epitomized the madness that money can make most people embrace when he chose the way of the gun to make a living. But, Killer Kato, a far more ruthless force, was watching and had plans for this young urban cowboy;  foul and vicious plans that takes Rasheen on a journey of revenge, betrayal, get rich over night attempts, and plenty of shattered dreams (To read the first two chapters click here).

  Money Grip 2

 The Money Grip saga continues!  In sequel, Rasheen Smith fights his way out of a bullet wound induced coma, back from the dark edges of death, into the world of the living.  Awakened with a newfound realization, Rayheen wants to get out of the game, but his violent, gun blazing, fast money making past won’t allow it. Rasheen must choose a path, and the route he selects, will determine whether he and the people he loves will live or die (To read the first two chapters click here).

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