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Starting in the Spring of 2017, Divine G Entertainment began releasing audio books and vowed to continue releasing novels in audio book format thereafter.  As promised the first audio book release was Enigma of Love then came The Canarsie Connection, and No Other Love. The next  will be Money Grip, Baby Doll, Money Grip 2 and so on.

FOLLOW THE SIGNS . . . The Sequel to TGONG
(Multiple Editions – Fall 2017)
“Follow the Signs, they are everywhere” was the recurring dream world command Rayhiem Jones had been receiving all his life. In this sequel to TGONG, Rayhiem finally discovers the reason he’s been experiencing the strange, recurring dreams. He was being groomed for a divine mission to save all life on the planet from a celestial virus lodged inside a meteorite sent to Earth by the Setphian Deities.
The Ausarian Deities (the Setphian’s arch rivals) reveals to Rayhiem during one of his mystifying dreams that he must find the two people on the planet who has the cure within their bodies and get them to Phoenix Arizona within 13 days to make a celestial exchange or the entire planet will perish. But, Samuel Griener, the Setphian’s General on the planet, and his very powerful and wealthy subordinates have no intentions of allowing Rayhiem to succeed (To read the first two chapters click here).


Under the pseudonym John Whitfield
(Multiple Editions – Fall 2017)
The story of Bishme Carlson is one that epitomizes a tale of a man on a noble mission. After accidentally killing his family, Bishme vows to save as many lives as he can, especially young lives from the ravaging onslaught of HIV/AIDS. He pledges to start his own AIDS Prevention Organization, but there are many unresolved matters still haunting and hindering him; the most serious of them all is he’s being followed by a stalker, a mysterious man who makes clear that his intentions are malevolent. Receiving his drive, energy and iron will to succeed from a statement his four-year-old daughter bestowed upon him before dying, Bishme confronts the life-threatening trials and tribulations while a tantalizing question looms omnipotently; will he survive and accomplish his mission or will he lose his life to a heartless foe? (To read the first two chapters click here).



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