DivineGEnter-LogoDivine G Entertainment is an urban based entertainment company that sells novels in numerous formats, including ebooks, paperbacks, screenplays and audiobooks, and provides services such as novel editing, adaptation and short film and audiobook production.

193 (2)Divine G, the founder/owner of Divine G Entertainment, is a novelist, screen writer, playwright, internet radio talk show host, actor, film director and producer, and produces audio books. Divine G also does Youth Counseling work in New York City. After spending years pursuing these various entertainment aspirations, Divine G decided to formulate his own company that sells, promotes and facilitates urban based entertainment works from a universal standpoint.

Divine G has written over a dozen novels and screenplays, performed in countless plays, appeared in a Hollywood feature film as an extra, hosted his own internet radio show, produced, directed and starred in his debut short film, and worked with Lil Wayne as a carpenter on his 2013 (AMW) America’s Most Wanted Tour. For a glimpse into some of these various entertainment achievements and endeavors, check out this website’s photo/video gallery page.



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